WideBight - Learn Content Management System


The most important features at a glance

Simple to operate

Create comprehensive web-based trainings for your customers or your employees in no time. You will work in an easy-to-use and powerful editorial system, which is easy to learn and requires very little training. Your training department will thank you for it.


Versatile application possibilities

  • Transfer of product knowledge for your customers and/or employees
  • Accompanying training for internal company processes
  • Field service training
  • Training your support staff
  • Inter-company training
  • Compulsory training courses
  • Periodic training
  • Certifications

Each course can be created with or without test contents. Or you can choose a WBT with or without costs. In addition, trainings can be created as mandatory trainings, which have to be repeated in a time period defined by you. Your participants are automatically notified of the training requirements.


Short project lead time

One very important point: With WideBight your project lead time until the use of your learning platform is very short. As a rule, your learning platform is available within 10 days (from the time of order placement). And this as a "turnkey" solution including all layout adjustments for your company.


Flexible & expandable

WideBight can be extended with modules. Currently we offer as modules a complete administration for presence seminars as well as a download manager. In order that WideBight does not remain an isolated solution within your company IT, we can create individual interfaces to your existing systems (CRM etc.). Please contact us.


All costs under control

With WideBight you always have your costs under control. There are no hidden costs and complex licensing models. WideBight is offered exclusively as a SaaS solution. The abbreviation SaaS stands for "Software as a Service".

  • Updates included
  • Hosting & Domain included
  • SSL certificate included
  • Support included


WideBight is fast

And this in several respects: The user-friendly interface enables intuitive and fast work for your editorial staff. The low training effort also contributes to the efficiency of your team. Last but not least, there is WideBight's modern software architecture, which maximizes speed on both the server and client side. We achieve this, among other things, through our hosting on dedicated servers in exclusively German data centers.


Mobiles Lernen

Learning becomes mobile

WideBight fully supports mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. In the editorial system you determine the appearance of your learning content for the respective platform.

All learning content can include contemporary multimedia content. In addition to text and images, this includes videos and animations. Even very complex learning content (such as simulations of devices or software) can be displayed and made available via an interface.


Learning becomes multilingual

WideBight is consistently designed for multilingualism. In the basic version, German, English and Dutch are already implemented as the basic languages of the frontend. Further language packages can be added as an option at any time.

By the way, trainings can be created in any language, as they function independently of the user interface.

Exercises & Exams



By using exercises in your training courses, participants have the opportunity to test their current level of knowledge at any time.

The participant can directly evaluate each exercise to see if he has solved it correctly. If the result is incorrect or incomplete, he can repeat his exercise at any time. In contrast to tests, exercises are not evaluated on the server side. Exercises are therefore anonymous.

Exercises can contain different question or task types, such as

  • Multiple choice
  • Single choice
  • Text gap tasks
  • Sorting tasks
  • Free text tasks
  • External device and product simulations

These task types can be used in any order and frequency within an exercise block. In addition, it is possible to display task sequences and answer options in random order.



The interactive exams are the linchpin of a web-based training.

Examinations can contain the same task types as exercises. Again, the task types can be used in any order and frequency within an examination block.

When the examination block is sent, the individual results of the tasks are transferred to the server and evaluated.

After sending the examination block, the participant is informed immediately whether he has passed it and with what score. If the result is incorrect or incomplete, the participant can repeat the test, depending on the system settings.

The test results are saved in the participant profile. From this you can see when and with which result the participant passed the exam. This functionality is also of interest, for example, for training field service.

WideBight provides various evaluation keys for examinations. In addition, examinations can also be subject to a fee for the participant.

Free text tasks can also be realized with WideBight. However, these cannot be evaluated by the system, but require manual evaluation and grading by the editorial staff.